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We are passionate about performance & workforce wellness, Success Ally provides organizations with the knowledge and tools to transform their workplace culture into one of continuous improvement that aligns with and embraces the business's missions and values.

Culture directly impacts employee engagement and morale -- Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, along with a reduction in burnout, absenteeism, and attrition. 


People are the foundation of business and their interactions create the Culture -- shared set of values, beliefs, and assumptions that govern the way co-workers interact and behave. Is a sum of its People

Culture impact examples:

  • Google 20% Time - (mimicking 3M) - Gave rise to Gmail, Google Earth, AdSense

  • Taco Bell restaurants with the lowest turnover saw a 55% increase in profit


Performance Management -  

Organizations can build high-performing teams by aligning organizational goals with team and individual objectives.

Studies have demonstrated that Performance Management programs have a profound effect on both

Employee Performance and Organizational Performance.


Employee Engagement - The level of mental and emotional connection employees feel toward the work they do, their teams, and their organization. 


Highly engaged vs disengaged workforce:

  • 21% greater profitability 

  • 17% higher productivity

  • 41% reduced absenteeism 



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